Alignment and corrective actions

BRS provides alignment checks and corrective services utilizing the latest laser technology. This technology allows our skilled technicians to detect even the smallest tolerance deviations with extreme accuracy, resulting in significant improvements.

In addition to laser technology, our technicians also have expertise in dial indicator alignment methods, which are essential in specific cases. Achieving the necessary geometric precision of machines and assets requires alignment corrections. Therefore, before commissioning machines, total shaft line geometric measurements are necessary, including gearboxes, gas turbines, generators/compressors, and other auxiliaries. Proper alignment has a positive impact on bearing life, coupling wear, vibration and noise levels, and product quality. Trust BRS to restore the smooth operation of your aeroderivative and heavy-duty gas turbines.


The borescope inspection (BI) enables a non-invasive assessment of the internal components of your gas turbine, eliminating the need for disassembly. This inspection helps determine the current condition of the components and assists in planning necessary maintenance or repair work. A scheduled or unscheduled borescope inspection can increase turbine availability and significantly reduce downtime and repair costs. Failing to perform a borescope inspection could lead to critical failures and hazardous situations. Depending on the gas turbine model, a scheduled borescope inspection is typically performed every 4,000 to 8,000 hours or annually (whichever comes first) to prevent damage. How it works A borescope is an optical camera that allows non-intrusive inspection of internal components without disassembly. Our experienced engineers use a flexible tube equipped with a camera to navigate through tight spaces within your gas turbine. High-quality photos taken during the inspection reveal even the smallest irregularities. Our comprehensive BI report includes detailed descriptions and accompanying photos of the condition of each component, providing evidence that can be used for information gathering. This inspection methodology helps identify potential issues before they escalate and cause damage or, in the worst-case scenario, result in a complete shutdown of your power plants.

Monitoring and Diagnostics.

To prevent or assess damage to your gas turbine unit, regular inspections, monitoring, and diagnostics are essential. To maintain reliability at the highest level, BRS utilizes various diagnostic tools capable of predicting and detecting early faults. For example, over a specific period, there may be a gradual but steady increase in a parameter such as pressure or temperature. As long as the parameter value remains below the alarm threshold, the operational personnel may not notice the slow increase. With the monitoring and diagnostic systems provided by us, these minor changes will be detected, analyzed, and reported to the operational personnel, allowing you to investigate the changes and take necessary action when required. However, there are instances when this alone is insufficient to detect mechanical wear or changes in your gas turbine. In such cases, regular inspections are conducted annually or based on operational hours or condition. BRS believes it is crucial to maintain the continuity of these inspections with experts who are familiar not only with the equipment but also with key on-site personnel and stakeholders. This enables a more open and precise assessment of the unit and plant condition. The prospect of gas turbine failure due to inadequate care or a reliable ongoing maintenance program could be catastrophic for any business. The combination of our monitoring and maintenance program provides you with a level of assurance that your valuable assets are monitored and reported on at a world-class level. It also enables us to collaborate on tailoring maintenance programs for your operation.

Maintenance and Inspection

Our comprehensive inspection package comprises the following: Routine maintenance and inspections of gas turbine and auxiliary equipment. Thorough borescope inspections Comprehensive combustion inspection Extensive. Hot gas path inspection/hot section exchange. Major overhaul of gas turbines Learn more about our full range of services for both Aeroderivative.